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  • Jul 22


Church BBQ

  • Jul 22


This summer, join us for a Sunday afternoon of fun, relaxation, and as always—good food!

We'll be smokin' some meat and enjoying our togetherness-in-Christ right at the height of summer. Here are some ways to be involved:

Simply attend

If you do, we still ask that you register yourself and your family so we know how many to expect. And please bring a dish to share if you can!

Smoking crew

Thankfully, we've taught the majority of men in this church how to smoke meat! We'd love your help on the crew.

Kitchen crew

Help us keep the cook out of the kitchen! We need help keeping the flow of meat, beverages, and other items moving and stocked so the smokers can focus on smoking.

Activities crew

What would a BBQ be without some fun and games? If you're a fun person, lead the way!

Setup crew

As always, sitting is preferable. Help us throw down some tables and chairs.

Cleanup crew

"This mess won't clean itself up!" Said every mom ever at some point. Help us tidy up after the feast.

If you have any questions about how to register or be involved, please don't hesitate to let us know at hello@thisisthebridge.church or 425-422-3667.

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Attendee Types

  • Smoking crew 10 remaining
  • Kitchen crew Full
  • Activities crew 6 remaining
  • Setup crew Full
  • Cleanup crew 2 remaining
  • Attendee
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