Gospel Fluency Training

May 18, 2019 Free
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Dates & Times

  • May 18, 2019
    9:00am - 12:00pm

Attendee Types

  • Adult
  • Student (6th-12th Grade)
  • Child (Birth-5th Grade)


Gospel Fluency Training is a 3-hour workshop designed to equip you in speaking gospel-shaped truth to the everyday world around you. This training's topics are Evangelism and Fear & Anxiety.

The gospel, like a language, takes time, study, and practice to master. But it is possible, and lives depend on it. At Gospel Fluency Training, how we aim to help you learn the most important language you'll ever speak.

In this training, you'll have two different topical tracks to choose from; keep in mind that this is not a seminar on the named topics, but still primarily training in Gospel Fluency through the lens of these two areas. That means if you haven't attended an earlier training, you won't be lost, and if you did attend it, you won't be bored!


The most frequent follow-up question to our first training was How does this apply when speaking with non-Christians? What a great question! In this track, we'll take a closer look at what speaking gospel to those without faith looks like, in particular how the "4 Questions" can be creatively reworked to help navigate conversations with those outside the church.

Fear & Anxiety

To some extent, everyone in our culture battles fear and anxiety. We believe that faith in Jesus can eradicate all our fears--but how do we say that without sounding trite or weird? We'll work through how the gospel addresses anxiety (for Christians) and how anxiety presents an opportunity to proclaim the gospel (for non-Christians).

Kids care (birth to 5th Grade) and light refreshments provided. For adults and students 6th Grade and up.